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Rule Changes to Missouri Teacher Certification

Dear MMEA Membership
Once again we are faced with a crucial matter concerning music education in Missouri. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) is currently undergoing a revision of the requirements for teacher certification in Missouri.  A State Rule has been proposed that has negative implications for certification in many areas but especially for music. Your response is urgently needed because this rule will make the process of becoming a music teacher much more difficult and costly. If implemented, this rule will add to the time and cost of music education degrees and leave many student teachers without the experience they need for future jobs.
The timeline for public comment is from December 2 until January 1.  Below you will find a list of bullet points that outline the proposed changes and talking points to help guide your response.  A sample letter is included that you may personalize and send.  Responses must be sent to   We also suggest that you cc your letter to your local legislator.  You are encouraged to adapt the letter to include your own qualifications and include additional information as you see fit. You can also help by raising the awareness in your school as to these proposed changes with all staff members, administrators, parents, students and community members.
Once again this is an urgent matter that requires everyone’s attention and participation.  These changes will severely impact the future of music education in our schools if implemented.
Thank you.
MMEA Executive Board




What should you do?
1. Make it a priority (As soon as possible on or after Dec. 2, 2013) to send a letter to policy makers asking that the proposed rule be withdrawn until significant changes can be made.  
2. Spread the word! Encourage families and friends to send letters as well. We are ALL stakeholders in quality education for our children, which includes MUSIC education. 
The MMEA voice is a powerful voice and one that needs to be heard! With over 3,000 members, we CAN make a difference. We encourage you to “do your part” as a Missouri Music Educator and send your letter as soon as possible.


Suggested Contacts:


Missouri House of Representatives: (Find your State Representative)

Missouri Senate:  (Find your State Senator)

State School Board:  

Current State School Board Members:
Peter Herschend, Branson, President
Mike Jones, St. Louis, Vice President
Deborah Demien, Wentzville, Member
Charlie Shields, St. Joseph, Member
Russell Still, Columbia, Member
O. Victor Lenz, St. Louis, Member









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