Welcome to MMEA

MMEA's state membership of over 3,000 music educators encourages everyone to join together as advocates for music education in our schools.

Statement of Purpose:
The Missouri Music Educators Association is a federated association of the NAfME: The National Association for Music Education which includes nearly 80,000 Music Educators dedicated to providing a comprehensive, well-balanced, sequential, and quality education to every child in America.

Our Goal:
Every student in Missouri shall have access and exposure to a well-balanced comprehensive, sequential and high quality program of music instruction, taught by fully certified music teachers.

Our Mission:
Clearly focuses on effectively serving the membership in their goals of teaching and learning, by promoting a comprehensive music education program that furthers music making by all and supports the advancement of music education as a profession.

Our Strategies:

  • be a service oriented organization which provides information, resources, and services for music education professionals through the support and distribution of appropriate music education research-base literature, provided by MENC and other valid sources
  • communicate, as a forum for the exchange of ideas through publications and technology, and workshops which provide teacher training in the application and use of effective educational practices including assessment strategies as identified by MAP (Missouri Assessment Program), curriculum development, and teaching with technology
  • promote Music for All – music as an essential area of everyone’s education from birth to earth
  • promote the use of technology as a tool for music education and to foster utilization of the most effective techniques and resources in music education
  • facilitate the development of standards based curriculum/assessment which includes the Missouri "Show Me" Standards, the National Music Standards and the ramifications of the "No Child Left Behind Act"
  • encourage a high standard of excellence in music education by recognizing individual achievements and contributions to the profession
  • establish and support partnerships and effective liaisons with organizations that have allied interests in music and fine arts education including but not limited to: affiliate organizations, booster groups, arts education groups, and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)
  • promote the profession of music education at all levels by providing opportunites for recruitment, retention, and raising the level of respect for music education as a profession through Tri-M, CMENC, MMEA and MENC
  • identify and establish effective strategies in promoting music education advocacy, including "Music Advocacy Day at the Capitol"
  • support and cooperate with national music education advocacy efforts by collaborating with the National Coalition, the music industry, and other music education advocacy organizations including local music booster organizations
  • involve the district presidents in an active 'two-way' communication role of disseminating information to members and contributing information to the state organization


Welcome to Missouri Music Educators Association

MMEA's state membership of over 3,000 music educators encourages everyone to join together as advocates for music education in our schools.